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"Seek not just existence, but a life fully lived. Ignite the flame within, and let its radiance guide your every step."

Services Offered

At our therapy center, we recognize that each individual is unique and therefore, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe in providing personalized attention and therapies tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our therapists employ a combination of modern meta-therapies and evidence-based techniques to ensure the validity and reliability of our treatments.

In addition to individual therapies, we offer services such as online consultations, group therapy. We also utilize tests to confirm our provisional diagnoses and quantitatively track progress in therapies. These tests help us gain a clearer understanding of various behavioural, trait, and emotional aspects, providing further clarity in the therapeutic process.

Also we take up trainings , webinars , workshops for corporates, educational institutes, teacher trainings , students and parent sessions.


These are offered to clients who require to be treated on a one-on-one basis with the therapist. It leaves plenty of room for the therapist to use different treatment styles on personalised basis.

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It is a substitute to traditional face to face therapy, wherein, therapeutic services are provided through the Internet on video call. These are favourable to people living far from the easily approachable vicinity of the therapist.

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Encompasses for a therapist to club patients based on similar condition and take the treatment forward as a group. It is beneficial for people who are open to sharing their issues with those sharing a similar pain. It is most beneficial for overcoming grief.

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Assists in improving relationships between partners and helps in resolving interpersonal conflicts.

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Customised trainings , webinars , workshops for corporates , educational institutes...

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Simple Process

How Does it Work?

At MindCare, we walk you through hassle-free process from beginning until the termination of therapies. Be assured, there is one therapist assigned from start to end.


Consultation Session

  • The first consultation session in therapy is a crucial step towards initiating the therapeutic journey. This initial encounter serves as an opportunity for the therapist and client to establish rapport, trust, and a shared understanding of the client's needs.

  • Creating a safe and nonjudgmental space, the therapist encourages the client to express their concerns, goals, and motivations for seeking therapy. Through active listening and thoughtful questioning, the therapist gathers important information about the client's personal and medical history, as well as their unique circumstances and challenges.

  • With this comprehensive understanding, the therapist and client collaboratively determine the most appropriate therapeutic approach, set realistic expectations, and lay the groundwork for future sessions focused on healing, personal growth, and positive transformation.

  • It lasts from 30 minutes to about an hour. Furthermore, we formulate end goals which are subject to review every 3 sessions.

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History Taking Session

  • The history taking session in therapy plays a vital role in understanding the client's background, experiences, and current struggles.

  • In this session, the therapist creates a warm and empathetic environment, encouraging the client to openly share their personal and medical history. Through a series of carefully crafted questions, the therapist explores various aspects such as family dynamics, significant life events, relationships, and past traumas.

  • This comprehensive exploration helps the therapist gain valuable insights into the client's psychological and emotional landscape, enabling them to tailor the therapeutic approach effectively. Additionally, the history taking session provides an opportunity to establish trust and rapport between the therapist and client, laying the foundation for a collaborative and healing therapeutic journey.

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  • Therapy sessions provide a dedicated space for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and challenges. Guided by a trained therapist, these sessions offer support, insight, and tools for personal growth.

  • Through active listening and evidence-based techniques, therapy sessions aim to foster healing, self-awareness, and positive change.Starts with the sessions.

  • They can be scheduled for once in 7 day/10 days. Furthermore, as the client recovers, the sessions are scheduled for once in fortnight until once a month (for 2 months) until both the parties decide to terminate the sessions.

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Terminating the Sessions

  • Terminating therapy sessions marks the conclusion of the therapeutic process. It involves collaboratively discussing progress, goals achieved, and future plans.

  • The therapist and client reflect on the insights gained, skills learned, and apply them to maintain mental well-being. Termination allows for closure, while emphasizing the client's autonomy and self-sufficiency moving forward.

  • This is the last session that takes place and the client is briefed about the how to contact later in case needed and is given a closure.

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Offline/ Online English , Hindi , Punjabi Counselling Centre at
B-55, 1st Floor, Pocket B, DDA flats , sec 6, Dwarka, Delhi
Offline face to face Sessions at our centre or Online Sessions Anytime, Anywhere.
Speak with a licensed, professional therapist 

About the therapist...

Meet Ms. Harvinder Saraswat, a distinguished Counselling Psychologist based in Delhi, bringing over 25 years of extensive expertise to her practice. She holds an MSc in Child Development, an MA in Psychology, and an International Diploma in Guidance & Counselling from NCERT, Delhi. She holds a Diploma in Community Mental Health for Psychologists from NIMHANS, Bangalore , Certificate in Basics Of Addiction Management from NIMHANS, Bangalore .Ms. Saraswat is a visionary founder, leading MindCare Psychological Services & Counselling Centre, and a prominent mental health advocate.

Her impressive qualifications include international certifications in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt therapy, Solution-focused brief therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also holds a Professional Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, USA, and has received training from the renowned Beck Institute, Pennsylvania, USA. Currently pursuing her PhD, she actively mentors aspiring psychologists.

Ms. Saraswat plays a pivotal role as a master resource person for NCERT and is deeply involved in initiatives like Manodarpan Mental Health. She serves as a visiting lecturer at NCERT and DEPFE, teaching counseling, and contributes significantly to PGDGC programs. Her counselling services span various issues, including marriage, depression, anxiety, trauma, and adolescent concerns.

In addition to her rich professional background, Ms. Saraswat's contributions have earned her prestigious awards, including the Women Transforming Nation award and the National Education Excellence Achievers Award. She is a recognized panelist, notably for the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, and has conducted Live Interactive Sessions on PM eVidya Channel. Active memberships in esteemed professional bodies like the American Psychological Association underline her commitment to the field.

Awards & Recognition

  • She was conferred the Women Transforming Nation award in 2022 for her selfless  efforts  and social work during covid 19 Pandemic. 

  • She was also awarded National Education Excellence Achievers Award by Navbharat Rashtriya Gyanpeeth in 2022

  • Panelist Child Psychologist in Book Selection Committee - MINISTRY OF INFORMATION & BROADCASTING,GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

  • She has been a Panelist at National Conference on Empowering Teachers for Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being in Schools held in Dec'2022.

  • She has conducted a number of Live Interactive Sessions 'SAHYOG' telecast on PM eVidya Channel.

  • She is a resource person for teaching PGDGC ( Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counselling ) at NCERT, Delhi.

Harvinder Saraswat
Harvinder Saraswat
Harvinder Saraswat

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It is more viable to have a slot available of your preference if you decide to book a days in advance. However, we always have a slot available for emergency appointments for the same day. Appointments can be booked directly through Practo or through call on +91-9891505501 (Available on WhatsApp).

Weekdays & Sat: 11:00 am - 02:30 pm & 04:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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We are a Registered Counselling Centre. Our Counselling Centre is registered with  Ministry of  Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)  and we have a membership in Counsellor Council of India (CCI),  American Psychological Association (APA), Complementary Therapists Accredited Association , CTAA Membership Number: 10665567.
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Sneha Rajan

Great experience with Dr. Harvinder Kaur. She really listens to our problems very carefully. It has been very easy for me to open up with her. I find her to be of the same wavelength as mine even though I have undergone two sittings only. I have recommended her to my closed ones too who need help.

Reviews !

Yashpal Mahajan

Harvinder Mam has a vast experience in psychological counseling . She understood my issues very quickly and correctly and advised solutions accordingly which have been beneficial for me.I highly recommend her.

Rashmi pathak

No words can describe her versatile personality, she has amazing healing skills. Her empathetic attitude and ever willing friendly nature to listen to others , makes other person feel very comfortable while talking to her. In this troublesome complex world , she is like a magical healing wand. Thank you so much Harvinder ma'am
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