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Rules to Therapy

Required before appointment

Rules To Therapy

It’s really important to arrive well in time so as not to lose precious therapy time. Keep in mind that each session has a natural flow and closure, and so if the session is rushed or shortened by a delay, we might not achieve the best impact possible. If arriving late is habitual though, your therapist may want to talk about it.

I understand there are several forms with plenty of questions in initial intake paperwork which can be overwhelming, but each data point that your therapist aids in a better diagnosis and treatment plan. Do take the time to complete the paperwork thoroughly, and rest assured that these will remain strictly confidential.

Your therapist's job is to provide a space where you will be respected and growth will be encouraged. As part of this process of seeking to grow and change, expect to be asked to think, feel and behave differently. This can be uncomfortable - being out of your comfort zone. Understand though, that this may be necessary and true growth cannot happen if you’re only made to feel good in the therapy space and in your comfort zone.

If your therapist asks you to complete a workbook/assignment, practice a technique she has taught, or keep a record of some behaviour, then please be sure to do so. This is equivalent to the M.D.'s version of prescribing a medication. It is also your therapist's way for you to stay connected with yourself independent of your therapist.

Your therapist will waive any charges for cancellation with a 24 hour notice before the appointment. Do remember that not showing up or not allowing enough time to fill it will disallow your therapist to recoup your time and money investment and will lead to a lose-lose situation for all.

Every client hates to bother their therapist outside of their sessions. If you do feel the need to, it is always a good idea to ask yourself if what you are about to ask is critical of if it can wait until the next session. If you or someone close to you is going to harm themselves or others, always call.

Just like you, your therapist can also feel abandonment issues. So for any reason, if without a mutual decision, you decide to stop the therapies - it is always nice to consider telling your therapist a week in advance and attending a closing session with your therapist.

Always be as open as you can be with your therapist and be assured that they would never judge you for anything come what may.

If you don't understand anything about your therapist, billing, confidentiality and the exceptions, or the process of therapy - Ask! There are no stupid questions ever.

Harvinder doesn’t abide by ‘one size fits all’ notion. She believes that every individual is different therefore deserves personalised attention and therapies from the therapist.

All interactions with Harvinder Saraswat, including scheduling of attendance at appointments, content of your sessions, progress in therapy, and your records are highly confidential. No record of counselling is contained in any academic, educational, or job placement file.

In case of emergencies, you can drop a text with "Urgent" and thereafter immediately make a call post-delivery of the message.


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